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[15 Nov, 2011] London Road Community Forum AGM (Dover)

Discussion in 'Expired Events' started by rosspmm, Nov 8, 2011.

    • Dover Volunteer

    rosspmm Navigator

    The London Road Community Forum

    Will be holding its AGM

    on Tuesday 15th November

    at 8pm

    in the White Horse Inn

    St James Street, Dover
    • Dover Volunteer

    Phil Admiral

    To confirm, 8pm this time Ross? :)
    • Dover Volunteer

    rosspmm Navigator

  1. Dire Straits Boatswain Level 4

    Sounds like a good time will be had by all.:rolleyes:
    • Dover Volunteer

    Mandy Steward

    I can't make this, unfortunately I'm on a late shift. Hope it goes well.

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