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Cliff fall

Discussion in 'Dover Chat' started by Mandy, Mar 15, 2012.

    • Dover Volunteer

    Mandy Steward

    • Dover Volunteer

    The Fabric Fairy Navigator 1st Class

    Saw it on BBC Breakfast this morning and, like Mandy, realised just how big the fall was. Glad I didn't choose to walk the dog on the cliffs that day!!
    • Dover Volunteer

    Mandy Steward

    Went down this morning to take a look, it is a huge amount of chalk and a fair bit of the cliff looks unstable around there so I wouldn't be surprised if a bit more came down in the near future. If I can work out how I will upload the photos my daughter took later.
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  1. Dave Chief Navigator

    Would be great to see some photos. Ive only seen it from the distance at work.
    • Dover Volunteer

    Mandy Steward

    I think the chap walking along the beach towards the fall gives a real idea of the scale of this fall, the photo was taken by my daughter Meghan when we went down yesterday.

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  2. Dave Chief Navigator

    Mandy, That picture is amazing! Ive shown quite a few people at work and they think exactly the same!

    Huge well done to your daughter (y)
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