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Good feed back helps

Discussion in 'Dover Chat' started by Victor Matcham, Feb 14, 2012.

    • Local Celebrity

    Victor Matcham Local Celebrity

    On Deccember 18 th 1993 I came home from work to find our son Andrew dead, he was lieing by the telephone,When both my wife and myself got up to go to work that Saturday morning Andrew had left a note he had wrote the night before saying he had a terrific headache and we shouldn,t disturb him. Before we left that morning lesley went to his bedroom but did not wake him,but he was just a sleep at that time.. If we had known what we now know we would have called a ambulance round straight away.The milkman was the last person to see him alive at 10.00hrs.
    A strong headache is a typical sigh of an infection which can prove serious and even fatal for people without a spleen.
    We later learned Andrew died of heart and lung failure when a virus he had caught and could not fight off caused a severe form of pneumonia. the doctors didn,t tell us the facts we needed to know about the dangers of a person after their spleen had be remove. Even alot of Drs did not know themselfs. At that time the case made headlines in the local press.After that my wife and myself found out that a Dr R.T. Mayon- White of the Dept of primary Health Care , in Oxford had send out a fact sheet to all NHS Hospital Trust in this part of the UK. And we found out that it had been send the the NHs East Kent Trust before Andrew had died but we did not get it,if we had he would still be with us today. I will not go into the case now with you,this post is not about that.
    What it is about is that Dr Mayon -White came and saw us ,and helped mywife and myself set up the Kent Splenectomy Trust, which both my wife and myself run today,our Fact sheet have gone out all over the world to the public and Drs , but out of all the 100s of facts sheets gone out we have had only a hand full of feedbacks. But I got this email on Sunday from Singapore saying this" I recantly lost my spleen due to a bike accident.

    I,ve heard much about you and your work and I,D like to request for a fact sheet regarding the spleen.

    The rest of the email is what I told him and we have already send one by email and also posted one to him.
    That feed back just telling us he had heard about our work,has been a great help to us to still keep going after all the years,and we know that in Andrew dieing at the age of 20years a very fit man ,it has helped 100s of the public around the world and we both know that some lives have been saved. Thank you.
    • Dover Volunteer

    The Fabric Fairy Navigator 1st Class

    As a result of this, Vic & Lesley became heavily involved in the Kent Splenectomy Trust, and Vic is now Chairman. KST is not a registered Charity, but I strongly believe it should be. I think it's simply a matter of someone helping Vic get through the form filling, but I know it takes a lot of time; is there anyone out there who could help Vic with this?
    • Local Celebrity

    Victor Matcham Local Celebrity

    Just one of the sad case,s in my records.
    At the age of 34 Miles Boyer died suddenly just 48 hours after taking part in a tennis match.
    Although he had lost his spleen in a car accident 10years earlier,it had not adversely affected his health. To all intents and purposes he was fit and well. Or so his family and his doctor thought until Miles died from a infection that most people would have been able to shake off. He left a wife and children.
    As I have wrote over the years in letters and to the press if you have no spleen you are at risk 24/7 for the rest of your life,
    • Local Celebrity

    Victor Matcham Local Celebrity

    One more for you George Metcalfe again wife and two children only 31years old ,he was out in his garden taken ill with blood poisoning 7hours later he was dead ,because he could not fight off the blood infection after his spleen was removed after a motorbike crash some 11years before.You can get my fact sheets by emailing me with a postal address there is no cost to yourself,in some case,s I can send it by email.
  1. Dave Chief Navigator

    Very sad stories there Vic, but i've got to take my hat off to you and Lesley for the work you do for the Kent Splenectomy Trust. Im terrible when it comes to form filling, otherwise I would offer to help. Hopefully someone that reads this thread maybe able to help.
    • Local Celebrity

    Victor Matcham Local Celebrity

    Thank you Dave.It would help if you or any members know of family or members of the public without spleens to email me, because we are here to help. Thank you.
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  2. Dave Chief Navigator

    I can honestly say I dont know anyone that suffers from that condition, however its nice to know there is help and advice out there for people that do.

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